Saturday, March 17, 2012

Irish Accents: The Troubles

The Roches: The Troubles


"The Troubles" generally refers to the period of unrest in Northern Ireland between the late 1960's and the late 1990's. Ireland is a former colony of England, and won its freedom after a civil war in the 1920's. However, England retained control over the six counties of Northern Ireland. There was much violence during the Troubles, originating from protests against the British Army and the majority Protestant population by the Catholic minority.

This song, off the Roches' self-titled 1979 album, makes mention of the situation, ("We'll try not to get in the way of the guns, as we always do"), but it mostly imagines a forthcoming visit to Ireland and what they expect. Which doesn't include green hills or castles, etc.

Guest post by Paul T

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