Sunday, March 11, 2012

Irish Accents: One Set Reel

The first name that came to mind for me for "Irish tunes" was David Bromberg. I know that he has an affinity for music from those parts (despite his NY Jewish roots). That said, I had to revert to my tried and true resource: A search there for Irish/folk brings up numerous alternatives

- from which I present the following: Brigan Ensemble playing "One Set Reel". You can find lots more information online than I can (or should) provide here about the "reel", but basically it is a dance style that often includes a fiddle (and a stomping rhythm)

The One Set Reel recording here is part of a free and legal file set from by way of

It is backed by a solid strumming guitar line with numerous winds: several flutes of some kind and what appears to be an accordion.

Since my first edit, Darius has dug a little deeper, and reports that Brigan Ensemble appears to be an Italian trio who focus on Celtic music.

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