Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shorties: Lullaby

Emitt Rhodes: Lullaby


I love this theme. There are so many great shorties out there, and all of them have a special appeal to me. I like short songs because they are usually made up of essential stuff and only essential stuff. My first thought was, "Would it count to post the entire second side of Abbey Road?" [Most of it, anyway].

Speaking of Abbey Road, right about the same time as The Beatles were winding down, Emitt Rhodes recorded his mostly piano-based self-titled album at his house on a 4-track recorder. It was released in 1970 to some minor acclaim, but not enough. This is a very nice album with lyrical and melodic gems strewn throughout. There's only one shorty on the album and it is a guitar tune.

Short and sweet. It gets to the point. Sings you a lullaby. Then it's over. It leaves you wanting more.

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