Monday, February 23, 2009

Shorties: Mariposa

Prescott Curlywolf - Mariposa [purchase]

"Don't you cry, Mariposa
Flutter by, butterfly
You will live for awhile, then you'll die."

I loved Prescott Curlywolf for many reasons, not the least of which was their ability to pack 3-4 minutes worth of song in less than 2 minutes. If 1:27 was all a song needed, then that's all it got. "Mariposa" was just such a song.

It barely missed the cut in my Prescott piece from last November. Written and sung by bassist, Tim Kinard, the lyrics wonderfully capture that moment when public drunkenness turns from comedy to tragedy. It sounds like something The Pixies might've done circa Surfer Rosa, Kinard's fractured fairy tale offset by Rob Bernard's Frank Black-esque punk squall in the left channel and Ron Byrd's laid back, Joey Santiago-esque accents in the right. Funny, touching, ironic, subtly sophisticated, and fist-pumpingly anthemic in less than 90 seconds.

PS - It's Prescott Curlywolf Day at Adios Lounge HQ, where another classic shortie is being celebrated.

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