Friday, February 27, 2009

Shorties: The Taste of You

Erin McKeown: The Taste of You


Erin McKeown is one of those wonderful artists who does not precisely fit into any genre. The case could be made for folk, tin pan alley, even jazz, but none of these labels does her justice.

The tracks I have chosen highlight McKeown’s jazzier side, but this is only one of the flavors her music comes in. I would encourage all to explore further.

Bonus track:

Erin McKeown: Honeysuckle Rose

The purchase link above applies only to the song The Taste of You. As far as I know, this version of Honeysuckle Rose is only available from Erin McKeown’s Daytrotter session.

Honeysuckle Rose is a cover of the classic Fats Waller tune.

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