Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shorties: Presto #1 In G Minor After Bach

Bela Fleck and Evelyn Glennie: Brahms: Studies, Anh 1A/1 - Presto #1 In G Minor After Bach


We don't do much classical music here on Star Maker Machine, but I think the Brahms study is a perfect example of a timeless shortie that transcends its genre. The simple, startlingly successful duet of banjo and marimba really captures the way the Presto bursts into existence, fizzes around like a firecracker, and finally slams to a halt.

Popular music fans are more likely to recognize Bela Fleck's name, but Evelyn Glennie is worth knowing, too: the profoundly deaf Scottish percussionist is a Grammy winner in her own right, and a Dame Commander of the British Empire to boot. You can learn more about the world's first full-time solo percussionist here.

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