Monday, April 7, 2008

Days Of The Week - 'til tuesday

">'til tuesday: Voices Carry


Digging through my music collection, trying to find the next day of the week song, I was having no luck.
Monday had lept out at me so fast, and I've already got something on tap for Wednesday, that I figured the second day of the work-week would be a snap. Not so.
How can there not be a song called "Tuesday"? (note to self: write a song called "Tuesday")
Then I remembered that Michael Hausman, Robert Holmes, Joey Pesce, and Aimee Mann had had a little group known as 'til tuesday back in the 1980s. That little group released a wonderful song, which I'm sure you all know, called "Voices Carry". The title song from the groups debut release (1985), "Voices Carry" was the groups highest charting song, reaching #8 on the U.S. Hot 100.
Like I said, I'm sure you all are quite familiar with this song, but when is the last time you really listened to it? It is, in my opinion, a near-perfect pop song.
And as you're listening, look at the pic of the album cover and try guess which guy is Joey Pesce. (hint: it's not the blonde)


Anonymous said...

damn, I shoulda suggested Cat Stevens' "Tuesday's Dead"!

Matt said...

Hey, Scott... it's not too late to type it up! The week isn't over yet... heck it's not even tuesday, yet!
Go for it.

Mario B said...

Moody Blues : Tuesday afternoon.
Til Tuesday have recorded a fine "day song" : On Sunday, on the second album.

Paul said...

It looks like I've only got three Tuesday songs on my computer: Ruby Tuesday (Stones), Groovy Tuesday (Smithereens), and Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning (Cowboy Junkies).

Anonymous said...

Matt - you've given me the nudge I needed. I'm writing it up now!

Matt said...

I'm looking forward to it Scott!
Bring, as PE exhorts, the "noise"!