Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Days Of The Week - Waiting For Wednesday

Lisa Loeb: Waiting For Wednesday


Lisa Loeb seems to elicit extreme feelings. I've had people stress, "I hate Lisa Loeb!" and other people exclaim, "Lisa Loeb? I love her!" with equal enthusiasm. I must admit leaning towards the latter because... well, honestly... I've had a crush on her ever since the video for "Stay" first graced my eyeballs.
For a long time, "Stay" was the only thing I could name as hers. I didn't (and still don't) keep up on popular radio, so ended up missing out on follow-up singles.
A few years back, though, a friend borrowed me the debut Lisa Loeb release, Tails, which became a semi-permanant resident in my cd player all of that summer. About a week after said friend finally got her disc back, I went through withdrawal. I bussed across town to Cheapo and bought my own damn copy. As soon as I got home and got the plastic off the disc (and those damned sticky-tape encumbrances which seal the case once more - seriously, what is the reasoning? To force a few more seconds of...anticipation?) I pressed play, turned up loud, and mainlined the aural insulin. It may come off as sacharine, to some, but deep listening provides a measure of tart, which counter-balances the sweet.

"Waiting For Wednesday" was the fourth single from Tails, and it reached #83 on the U.S. Hot Singles chart.


Paul said...


I really like this one. Very poppy in a good way.