Monday, April 7, 2008

Hey There Everybody!

So far we've got two new bloggers added as authors (and maybe a few more on the way), but no submissions from readers. We'd love to hear from you!

Is anybody thinking about chiming in? Is there any problem with the form or instructions? Let me know in the comments.

I know you're out there. For a new blog we've had a fair number of visitors today. (Just click on the site meter button for details.)

Also feel free to contribute new theme ideas.




Matt said...

Hey Six,
For the record, lemme say thanks for providing me, personal, a reason for tip-tap-typing (and uploading, and etc...) It actually feels a bit liberating to post to something other than my own blog-space, to tell ya straight.

That said, it does seem there could be a way to streamline reader posts... don't ask me exactly how, I'm still thinking on it.

It can't be just "I like this song. Blog it." simple, but... Hrm... I dunno... S' a thinking point.

But... I'd like to posit next-times' theme... is there some manner you'd think is best for announcing upcoming themes? I'd feel obtrusive just posting it up like "Next time: This!"... Maybe a side-bar? I don't want to go fekking with your layout, though... maybe below the 'current theme' box another box saying "Coming up..." then whatever.
'Cause I know, myself anyhow, having a week to prepare can make all the difference... Good posts take a day or four to gurgitate (which is why the few I've... have seemed blarg-ey).
All that said.... lemme just exhort all them what just read this: C'mon, you dig what we're working towards here... pitch in!

Anonymous said...

I plan on contributing some things...just downloaded the instructions. I don't have a hosting account anywhere, and yeah, I know you say it's free, easy, etc. But it's still something I have to do, so y'know, when I get to it, I'll get to it.

Don't take that as disinterest, just that I am lazy.

Mario B said...

Sorry, Six, but I don't think I will contribute. You know, I was with Multiply (RIP) where it was Wham Bam Thank You Mama : here's the music. Easy way ! Don't have to open this, open that, paste this or that. I'm probably lazy. I just removed my little place at blogger.
Perhaps you should delete what you had add to this now dead place. I will listen to the music, write a reply sometimes. Thank you for the Incassables link !