Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Theme: "My First..."

Elton John & Kiki Dee: Don't Go Breaking My Heart


I feel kind of bad putting up this song, after all the wide-ranging and cool music during our last theme, but...

Our theme this week is for the first music we bought. Specifically, the first music bought with our own money.

Obviously, were it limited to only the very first thing, we'd each get to post just once. What fun is that? You don't have to follow my lead, but I'm going to be revealing my first 45 (this one), my first LP, my first cassette, and my first CD. Oh! and since it just occured to me, I'm going to be posting on my first digital download too. But more on all them later...

I was about six years old when "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" was released. Like a bunch of other people I forked over my 79 cents, then proceded to drive my parents and siblings bonkers with the incessant replaying of a song as only a six-year-old can. If I never have, I'd like to apologize to them for that, now.

Anyhum... I'm going to leave this to that and move on...

Thanks to Six for letting me choose the theme this week. I look forward to hearing the songs that started out your love affair with music...I just hope it's not too embarassing for y'all!

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" went to #1 in the UK and the USA


Paul said...

The first digital download or the first digital download that I PAID for? Joking.

Nothing wrong with Elton as a first record.

Due to my lack of memory, I'm going to have to use a little creativity in telling the story for this week's theme.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with Elton... but plenty wrong with Kiki Dee! (kidding.)

I've got spotty access to my music collection this week so I don't know how much I'll post... good topic though.