Friday, August 15, 2008

1973: Angie

First of all, as almost certainly the youngest contributor here at SMM, I feel slightly discriminated upon, exiled if-you-will, by this week’s theme. You see, I wouldn’t be born for another 11 years when 1973 rolled around. Now, I can’t say that I don’t appreciate, even marvel, at music before my time – but music from this era wasn’t even my parents’ music. You could say that the glory of 70’s Rock N Roll was skipped by the generations in my family. The folks kept the car radio on Oldies, which I can recite like the 100 lines of Shakespeare I had to memorize freshman year. My sister was, and still is, an 80’s child – a Madonna freak. I had to build my musical foundation on the crap that was spewed out in the early 90’s – commercial country, spineless pop-rock, and during basketball season – gangsta rap. If I would have only known the world of Alt-country burgeoning somewhere north of me, I may have been saved. So forgive me if this choice seems too easy – but remember you not only have extra years on your side, but also the luxury of living with the music. Plus…. it’s THE STONES, man.

The Rolling Stones: Angie


As the title and album cover might suggest, Goats Head Soup has a darker, more somber sound than its predecessor, Exile on Main Street. Nearly forced to record on the island of Jamaica – due to Richards’ drug-related international banishments - the band was able to book extended studio time to work over songs. This recording luxury created a well-put together, soulful Stones album.

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