Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1973: Smokin' In The Boys Room

Brownsville Station: Smokin' In The Boys Room


Just about the worst thing that could happen to a school kid in 1973 was to be caught smoking cigarettes in the boys room. Nowadays, that seems pretty provincial - ciggies likely be the least thing most school faculty would be worried about finding there.

Smokin' In The Boys Room is a great relic of those days. More importantly, one of the writers was Cub Koda, a member of Brownsville Station. He was an important figure in the American Blues scene, helping keep the genre alive with his books and compilations. Sadly, Cub died in 2000, after suffering from a kidney disease.

Check out the video below - nothin' beats 1973 style. Watch it enough times and you'll find yourself yearning for a mullet.

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