Saturday, August 16, 2008

1973: Brain Damage

Pink Floyd: Brain Damage


I couldn't let the week go by without at least acknowledging the triumphant pentultimate track to 1973 Prog Rock masterpiece The Dark Side of the Moon, a heavily thematic tour de force which produced some pretty catchy set of tunes but which, ultimately, best displays its power as a concept album, best listened to straight through, as the premature ending of this track belies.

That said: though it cuts off abruptly, I like this track -- it's a powerful anthem and denouement all in one. But if for some odd reason you've never heard the album the way through, find someone with a likely dorm room, make sure you've got the right... um... "supplies", and bliss out for an hour or so.

Also, if my childhood memories serve me well, Brain Damage is the second Pink Floyd track most summer camp counselors learn on the guitar, just after their friends get thoroughly sick of them playing Wish You Were Here.

Then again, there's this, just for fun:

Austin Lounge Lizards: Dark Side of the Moon
[live recording]

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