Monday, October 20, 2008

Adjective Noun: 16 Days

Whiskeytown: 16 Days


This song had a huge part in making Whiskeytown what they were. It’s everything that’s great about alt-country in a handy little package: A soft wandering intro, followed by Caitlin Cary’s temperate, meshing fiddle into memorable verses and an ear-catching hook - that all gradually turns into rock.

Ryan pulled out the gem one night in 2005 at a Cardinals show in his home state. After an ambiguous acoustic intro, Ryan utters the first line “I got 16 days…” and the crowd erupts with giddy excitement. They promptly quiet as not to miss a single word of the rare performance. When Ryan repeats the line a moment later, some still can’t hold back their happiness. Halfway through, he forgets a line and refuses audience aid before forgetting another and accepting. Ryan makes up for the gaff with a chilling extended harmonica solo.

Ryan Adams: 16 Days (live)

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