Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adjective Noun: Tennessee Whiskey

David Allan Coe: Tennessee Whiskey


For The Record: The First 10 Years was one of the first country albums I owned. It was a gift from a friend of mine trying to turn me off of rap and onto country – mission accomplished.

David Allan Coe was classic country without the rhinestones, without the stage lights, and unfortunately without the makeup. The original outlaw and former Death Row inmate never held anything back. But if you look past his often vulgar and sometimes racist material, you’ll find Coe has penned a number of country hits made famous by others. The featured track was a hit for George Jones; Would You Lay With Me and Take This Job and Shove It, both included on the album, were made famous by Tanya Tucker and Johnny Paycheck, respectively.

Because it’s technically an adjective-noun combo, but mostly because it’s a great song, i’ve included a bonus track from the album.

David Allan Coe: The Ride

On a side note, George Dickel No. 12, pictured, is the only spirit other than Jack Daniel’s to be considered authentic Tennessee Whiskey.

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