Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adjective Noun: Pink Bedroom

John Hiatt: Pink Bedroom


Rosanne Cash: Pink Bedroom


The girl in this song wants for nothing. She got her tight jeans, short shorts, import records, Seventeen magazines, and stuffed animals... everything a girl could want. In spite of this, our heroine is bored and frustrated. Her parents shower her with gifts and possessions all while withholding their attention and affections. She takes her valium and spends time with all of her stupid boyfriends. Of course... teenaged boredom combined with a lack of parental intervention can often lead to sexual promiscuity. She lets his fingers talk her into it.

Now, with her innocence lost, she goes downtown to take the grown up test and finds she has something crawling beneath her porcelain skin. The teen game has turned serious. She finally has her parents' attention. She got it all in her pink bedroom.

Here is the original version of the song by John Hiatt from 1980's Two Bit Monsters and Rosanne Cash's remake from 1985's Rhythm and Romance.

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