Sunday, October 19, 2008

Adjective Noun: Hollow Log

Beck: Hollow Log


Beck has a myriad of songs that would have fit this theme, but for my money, the songs off his early folk record "One Foot In The Grave" are among his best, or at least my favorites. Generally, people seem to appreciate him for his off the wall samplings and beats, but when he can write songs that sound so timeless and organic like "Hollow Log", you see that there's a lot more to him than two turntables and a microphone. Despite trying to get back to his more mellow roots with albums like Mutations and Sea Change, I never found they had the same feel of One Foot In The Grave that I loved.

This song is one of my favorites from the album because it feels so genuine. It feels like an old blues song, and I can imagine a young man singing this song while sitting on that hollow log in the damp woods trying to fight off the loneliness.

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