Friday, February 6, 2009

One: Just One More

George Jones: Just One More


For country songs about boozing to try and forget her, look no further than George Jones. Nothing beats his If Drinkin´ Don´t Kill Me (Her Memory Will), but Just One More comes mighty close.

Jones sure was no stranger to a stiff drink himself back in the days. My fave country music anecdote finds a thirsty Possum stranded in the mansion he shared with his second wife Shirley Corley, who went out one day and took all the car keys with her to make sure Jones wouldn´t be able to buy himself a nice bottle. The nearest liquor store was eight miles away: not exactly in walking distance for a guy who was used to screwdrivers for breakfast and bourbon for lunch. The missus forgot about the electric lawn mower though. To quote Jones: "It might have taken an hour and a half or more for me to get to the liquor store, but get there I did."

To make matters worse, Jones allegedly repeated this feat when he was married to Tammy Wynette. As she wrote in her autobiography: "About 1 am I would wake up and look over to find he was gone. I got into the car and drove to the nearest bar 10 miles away. When I pulled into the parking lot there sat our rider-mower right by the entrance. He'd driven that mower right down a main highway. He looked up and saw me and said, ´Well, fellas, here she is now. My little wife, I told you she'd come after me.´"

"Well, one more drink of wine,
then if you're still on my mind,
one drink, just one more and then another..."

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