Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One: Number One Blind

Veruca Salt: Number One Blind


This song is from Veruca Salt's popular 1994 album "American Thighs". The song was only a minor success in comparison to their hit "Seether" from the same album, but I think this song is just as good. I love the concept of the song. Had we not known that Levolor was a popular brand of blinds and drapes, we might suspect that this was a love song or a song about addiction or something else, but the fact that they sing the song to Levolor we know that they're quite literally singing to their window blinds. I imagine the depression of youth or a break-up or both, the desire to just stay in bed all day. She can't believe it's morning. Has she been blind? Is it time for a change? She's been kept in the dark...was it her own doing or was it her blinds? It takes something that otherwise could be quite depressing and gives it a spin so instead we're smiling at the same time.

The original Veruca Salt broke up in 1998 after only two full length albums together. Since then one of the founders, Louise Post, has kept the band going, if by name only, and is still touring with all new band members and making albums. The other founder, Nina Gordon has also continued to make music as a solo artist.

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