Friday, February 6, 2009

One: One

Billy Jonas: One


My introduction to Billy Jonas took place about 1:00 a.m. my first night of my first Folk Alliance (Albuquerque, February 1999) - I was instantly captivated by his shining spirit, uplifting songs and boyish charm (complete with long curly hair, which has since been shorn)... not to mention xylophone sticks duct-taped to his shoes and plastic trash cans and paint buckets inverted and bungee-corded together ("industrial re-percussion instruments", as he calls them... :-)

I smiled through my tears during his tunes, equally feel-good and thought-provoking - he also encouraged audience participation... and it was sheer delight to be part of a roomful of people shouting out "One!" at the appropriate time...

A Billy Jonas performance is an explosion of energy. In singalongs, bangalongs, whisperalongs, as well as improvised songs, his primary instrument is the audience... from there a whimsical trajectory carries listeners through stories of life, love, and triumph over 'Murphy's Law.'

I am blessed to say our paths have crossed many times since... at various concerts, festivals and conferences - a Billy Jonas show promises life at its most interactive: in your face... seize the day... kiss the sky... smell the roses... bang the drum!

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