Thursday, February 5, 2009

One: One Hit Wonder

Tracy Bonham

Tracy Bonham: One Hit Wonder

Tracy Bonham: One Hit Wonder (acoustic)


It's slightly ironic that Boston's Tracy Bonham would choose to include a song called "One Hit Wonder" on her 1996 album, The Burdens Of Being Upright - especially considering the album boasted her biggest (and only) 'hit' with "Mother, Mother."

But being labeled as a one-hit wonder is not fair in Bonham's case. Sure, she belonged to the post-Morissette core of female musicians that made their mark in the mid-90's, when it seemed that just being female was enough to score you a record deal. But Bonham had the goods; the woman has a strong set of pipes and is a masterful violinist. And as her catalog has proven, she can write some great songs, even if they haven't quite reached the number of ears that "Mother, Mother" did.

I've included two versions of Bonham's "One Hit Wonder" here. The first from the aforementioned The Burdens Of Being Upright. The second is an acoustic live performance from her 2007 EP, In The City + In The Woods which features two newer tracks and an assortment of acoustic performances.

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