Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drinkin' Songs: Lucero

Lucero - Kiss The Bottle (from The Attic Tapes)

Lucer0 - Drink Till We're Gone (from Lucero)

Lucero - I'll Just Fall (from Tennessee)

[purchase Lucero's music]

There is no way a drinking theme could pass without a mention of Lucero. Some of the drunken, shirtless shows from these guys are legendary. If you don't know who Lucero is then you really need to ask somebody. Shit, just head over to ninebullets and start researching. I bet I've written about them once a month since I started the site.

Speaking of ninebullets. We (both 9b and plenty of other small blogs) could use a little love from you, the reader. Please take a moment to read this post.

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