Friday, March 13, 2009

Drinkin’ Songs: The Humours of Whiskey

Andy Stewart and Manus Lunny: The Humours of Whiskey


Andy Stewart and Manus Lunny have together and apart been involved in making some of the best folk music Scotland has to offer. Stewart first gained attention as a member of Silly Wizard. Lunny is still an active member of Capercaillie. And together, they have made some magic. The Humours of Whiskey is but a small taste.

Here Stewart sings about the cure for whatever ails you. And you thought drinking makes you sick!

The term for the whiskey of the title that is used in the song is “poteen”. Actually an Irish term, poteen refers to types of whiskey made in small batches. The term poteen has negative connotations, implying the Irish equivalent of moonshine.

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