Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ghosts and Zombies: Ghouls Are on the Loose

Dave Rudolf: Ghouls Are on the Loose


“Kid’s Music” is a marketing label. It encompasses a wide range of styles. Some of it is ghastly stuff that record companies can only sell by passing it off to children, but we the unlucky parents still wind up having to listen to it. So, I make it my job to point out the good stuff whenever I can.

Halloween is an occasion that brings out some of the worst impulses in Kid’s Music artists. It’s not just their candy that is sticky a cloyingly sweet, and a menace to diabetics everywhere. So I am pleased to present Dave Rudolf. Rudolf has made a small name for himself as a kid’s artist. And he has recorded two entire albums of Halloween songs for kids. Ghouls Are on the Loose comes from the first one. Rudolf knows that kid’s respond to a strong beat, and he does a great job of providing it. This one kicks any Halloween party into high gear, and is just as much fun for kids or adults.

Question for the listener: is this a party of kids in costumes, or happy monsters? You decide.


By the way, there are some great Halloween songs that don’t fit our theme. I’ll be presenting a few of them for the Halloween party on my blog, Oliver di Place this week. And everyone is invited.

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