Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ghosts and Zombies: Haunted Hearts Edition

I share with you now the Ghosts of Past, Present and Future - whether inhabiting a shadowed room, a relationship-in-flux (stalker?) or a smoky bar, the spirits (and demons) of love can be haunting... and daunting...

Richard Shindell:Memory of You

[purchase] (scroll down to Sparrows Point)

"Why did you leave
Your will so vague?
Just three blue lines
Across the page:
You take the vase
I'll keep the rose
And the memory of you "

Lynn Miles: The Ghost of Deadlock


"But the ghost of deadlock rides this train
And she takes it out of town
It's way past last call
It's way past the point of giving us new ground
To stand on. . . then hold on"

Christine Albert: Haunt Your Heart


"Haunt your heart 'til you overcome your fear of love
Haunt your heart until you see what you've given up
So until that day I'll give us time apart
but the love we made is gonna haunt your heart"

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