Monday, October 26, 2009

Ghosts And Zombies: Ghost Rider

"Ghost rider, motorcycle hero...
Babybabybabybaby he's a-screamin´ the truth...
America, America is killing its youth..."

Alan Vega may describe his Ghost Rider as a good looking guy "sneakin´ round round round in a blue jumpsuit", but we know better of course. Listening to Vega´s hyperventilating vocals and Martin Rev´s hypnotic synth, he´s actually quite easy to picture. High on the hog, the Ghost Rider is approaching fast, sporting a Captain America helmet and wearing ragged leathers, or maybe an olive green flak jacket with slogans written on the back in black marker. He´s the four horsemen of the apocalypse all rolled into one, and he´s coming right at you.

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