Sunday, April 13, 2008

My first: The Guns Of Brixton

I can still recall the first single I´ve ever bought, thanks to an older nephew. A totally cool dude with long Beatle hair, an Afghan coat and an adorable girlfriend, he needless to say made quite an impression on innocent eleven year old me. The poor guy had to entertain me for a day for some reason, and did so with flair. First he took me to the chip shop, and later he drove over to the local record store and told me I could pick any single I wanted. After much nervous deliberation, I chose I Don´t Want To Die In An Air Disaster by Albert Hammond, which was riding high in the charts in ´74. Not too embarrassing for a first buy I guess, and good memories. It´s probably gathering dust up in the attic at my mum´s now, so I can´t share it here. Maybe Matt´s got it. By the way: I had almost forgotten that song until it got quite a lot of airplay in the aftermath of 9/11. My first album probably came a year later, and it was either a Beatles or a Dylan best of. My first cd was London Calling. Had to replace it as the cassette I had taped off a friend had broken, and I couldn´t picture myself without it. And I still can´t.


Matt said...

I came a bit late to Clash appreciation, but when it hit it hit strong.
Nice that you picked this song.
I've a pretty cool little story:
My brother was guitar tech for Paul's post Clash group, Havana 3 A.M. The last show of the tour my brother worked was in Mpls. Since I had a pretty big apartment, the post show party was at my place... Not only did Paul decline to check out my bass, but Gary Myrick borrowed a clean t-shirt, which I never saw again!
The bass Paul is smashing on the cover of London Calling is "in a box somewhere in a closet," according to Paul.