Sunday, April 13, 2008

My First: Don't Look Back

Boston: Don't Look Back


The first album I ever owned was The White Album, which my father gave to me for my 10th birthday. However, the first album I ever purchased for myself, with my own money, was Boston: Don't Look Back. My dad had a lot better taste than I did. I was eleven year's old when Don't Look Back was released. After I heard the title track on the radio I asked my mom for a ride to Tower Records to pick up the LP. Where the White Album was difficult for me to digest at that age, Don't Look Back's harmonized vocal hooks and effected guitar solos grabbed my attention immediately, causing me to involuntarily launch into pre-pubescent air-guitar sessions on the side of my bed. Seventies arena rock only held my interest for a couple of years, but for me it marked the moment when I began to define my own musical preferences. For that reason I honor Boston's contribution to my musical life. Long live Boston and their flying space guitar!

This post was submitted by SMM reader Berrett.


Anonymous said...

Don't Look Back is actually pretty good music to me. The Cars and Boston are indelibly hooked together for me - High School Rock.

Nice post.