Friday, April 18, 2008

My First: Last Train To Clarksville

The Monkees: Last Train To Clarksville


When I was about 9 or 10 years old my favorite music in the world was The Beach Boys, The Grease Soundtrack (crush on Olivia), and—number one in my heart—The Monkees. Back then the old Monkees TV show was shown in reruns after school got out. Mickey was my favorite Monkee because of his wacky sense of humor. So, when I got my own personal record player, the first “record” I bought was this 45 rpm single.

I never could have imagined that, years later, I’d be making a vinyl rip of the same single to post on the internet. But here it is…


Anonymous said...

You had excellent taste as a kid I'd say.

This is really a good tune.

I also like Vallery and Pleasant Valley Sunday by them ...


Matt said...

I love The Monkees! I, too, used to watch the reruns after school, I think sandwiched between Tom & Jerry and Hogan's Heroes, as it got closer to dinner-time.
Thanks for the audio flashback.