Sunday, April 13, 2008

My First: On The Outside

Oingo Boingo: On The Outside


By the time I purchased my first Walkman, I had left behind the 70's rock of my youth and had embraced the post-punk new-music scene (complete with sleeveless DEVO turtleneck which I actually wore to school several times. I was never exactly a magnet with the ladies). You know how there are some songs that made such an impression on you that you remember exactly where you were when you first heard them? This track is like that for me. I was 14 years old, in the corridor of my junior high school, when a friend put his headphones over my ears and let me hear a brand new band, Oingo Boingo. The song was On The Outside. I bought the album, Only A Lad, that very day; the first cassette I ever purchased.

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