Saturday, April 19, 2008

My First: No Business

Negativland: Favorite Things

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[purchase] direct from the band! (psst... there are a couple more songs to listen to for free behind this link!)

I'd planned on posting up a few more numbers this week, under the various formats I first purchased, but... You know how it goes: Fella gets busy (or lazy), so fella don't follow through on intentions. It's the sad, same story, so I will spare details. I will, however, share my first legal internet music acquisition (or at least a song off said album): Negativland's "No Business".

For those of you that are not familiar with the group, Negativland are a cut-up, collage-y sort of art collective based out of San Francisco, CA. A decent description of the group, from their own website, can be read.

Their biggest claim to fame, probably, is the "U2 Fiasco", wherein Ireland's favorite sons sued the pants off the San Francisco group, to the point that Negativland was dropped by their label, made to destroy master-tapes, and, well, basically screwed to the wall. Yeah, I know...

The "No Business" release breaks ground, even for Negativland. The entire album was created out of material illegally downloaded from the internet. And they didn't get sued for this one? Yeah, I know...

"No Business" didn't chart anywhere.