Thursday, June 19, 2008

Footwear: Fuck Me Pumps

Amy Winehouse: Fuck Me Pumps [purchase]

While Amy's life has become a pathetically public shambles, this tune was recorded when she was still a fresh face in the British hip-hop/soul scene. Still showing the Lauryn Hill love, but on her way to the slinky sound perfected on Back To Black, "Fuck Me Pumps" is actually a clever (and quite funny) dig at the superficial singles scene.

You can't sit down right,
'Cause your jeans are too tight,
And you're lucky it's "Ladies Night."

With your big empty purse,
Every week it gets worse,
At least your breasts cost more than hers.
I would like to add that I doubt I'll have as much fun searching for thematic pictures like I did for this post. HA.


LD said...

By the way, I know we're trying to keep the songs on SMM confined to the 20th century, but this one was too tempting to not post. Also, it does harken back to the soul sounds of last century. At least that's my intellectual justification.

Divinyl said...

Ha...yet another one I had on my list as a 'naughty noughties' post! This and 'Step On My Old Size Nines by Stereophonics. Good job my 'short' lists are actually very loooong!!

Anonymous said...

Dean, it's better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Anonymous said...

Wups. The last comment was from paul. Dean was going to post this but decided against it because of the 20th century rule. I think LD makes a pretty good argument for looking the other way this time. Same could apply to my Loretta Lynn post.

Nice picture.

Anonymous said...

Such is life. As Kurtis Blow said, these are the breaks!

Anonymous said...

I’m a huge fan these shoes