Monday, June 16, 2008

Footwear: My Adidas

Run DMC: My Adidas


Say you wanna be a B Boy? You need the proper accouterments: Kangol hat, Cazal shades, 3-stripe tracksuit, gold rope chains, boom box, but most of all - a pair of Adidas. Without them, you can't rock the beat.


Anonymous said...

"I stepped on stage, at Live Aid, all the people gave, and the poor got paid."

That's good stuff. I think this tune holds up today better than most Run-DMC tracks.

Oh yeah, this one was definitely on my list too.

Anonymous said...

There's endless country shoe songs, more than you can shake a stick at.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong--I'm happy when other bloggers take songs off my list. Less work for me!

I've got one country song in mind, but there's definitely a few more on my list. Easy topic this week.

boyhowdy said...

Easy topic, perhaps...though I suspect we're getting towards the end of the "obvious" choices.

Personally, I'm just enjoying all the shoe pictures --secretly, I'm a clotheshorse. I even bought a pair of Adidas once, when this song was in vogue.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Air Jordan guy myself. ;-)