Friday, June 20, 2008

Footwear: Shoes


Shoes: Running Start

I'm a big fan of technological advancement, but not when it comes to music technology. Vintage gear is still where it's at, from a Vox guitar amp to a Studer mixing console, all the way to the end user with a fine Thorens turtable. Towards the late 70s and 80s producers were so busy looking for the next new sound that the equipment from the previous decade was replaced with solid-state amplifiers and digital recording systems. It is my opinion that popular music production has suffered since.

Luckily there were bands like Shoes, who recorded their 1977 debut on a 4-track in their living room, and were happy with a lo-fi sound and subpar equipment. This classic album would influence tons of bands from the jangle and indie rock scenes and go down as their best. So much for hi-fidelity.


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