Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Footwear: Red Ball Jets

Steve Goodman: Red Ball Jets


What are Red Ball Jets?

Just let Steve Goodman tell you…

If you want to read a great book about the amazing Steve Goodman, check the comments to this post for info! (And maybe even the comments to this post if Clay is on his game.)


boyhowdy said...

Yay! More Steve Goodman!

Clay Eals said...

Guess I'm on my game, for now at least.

Thanks for posting this wonderful commercial jingle. The book covers in depth how Goodman recorded many jingles in his formative musical years in Chicago, for clients as diverse as John Deere snowmobiles and the U.S. Navy. Lyrics from the latter:

"Thinkin’ back to what used to be
Now I know that I can see
Something there
Gonna find out what it can mean — to me"

There also was a pair of other Navy jingles that he did, one for men:

"There’s a very special sea, a very special sky
A very special world, for a very special guy
It’s the Naay-vee, the Naay-vee ..."

And one for women:

"There’s a very special world, with some very special guys
And a very special place, for the nurse who’s aiming high
It’s the Naay-vee, the Naay-vee, the Naay-vee …"

Fascinating stuff.


Anonymous said...

I like how the Navy tries to sell itself to the lady nurses by promising "very special guys." Good stuff.

Anonymous said...
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