Friday, July 25, 2008

The Sun: California Sun

Ramones: California Sun

Four archetypical New Yorkers giving praise to the joys of that sunny state on the other side of the continent. This is the version from It´s Alive, recorded at the Rainbow in London on New Year´s Eve 1977 and one of the best live albums ever made. 28 songs in under 55 minutes: unheard of at the time... I wanted to post the original by the Rivieras here too, but couldn´t locate my copy unfortunately. Can someone please help me out here?

Meanwhile, here´s the Dictators´ version of California Sun. It´s from their ´75 debut Go Girl Crazy!, so Da Brudders probably learned the song from Handsome Dick & co, not from the original.

And hey ho, here´s the original (from ´64) by the mighty Rivieras. Thanks Caidaz!

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