Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Sun: Why Does the Sun Shine?

They Might Be Giants: Why Does the Sun Shine?


If there is any song solely about the sun, it is this one. They Might Be Giants released it on an EP by the same name in 1993 and it has since been a staple, and a favorite, at their shows.

The original version of this song was a track from one of the 1950's educational records produced to promote science education for children called "Space Songs" and was written by Lou Singer and Hy Zaret. The song explains the dynamics of the sun in perhaps the catchiest way possible, and allows us to learn and dance at the same time.

For those curious about the original version of the song, you can hear it, as well as the rest of the Singing Science Records, here.

Submitted by enna of Curiously Tasty

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