Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Sun: I Live For The Sun

The Sunrays: I Live For The Sun


The Sunrays came together under the tutelage of the domineering Murry Wilson, father of Beach Boys members Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson. He was trying to rebound after being fired as their manager - if you ever wondered why he was let go, you *must* check out WFMU's I'm A Genius, Too! The Murry Wilson Tapes.

The Sunrays organized around singer/songwriter/drummer Rick Henn, a friend of Carl Wilson and included guitarists Eddie Medora, Byron Case, bassist Vince Hozierand pianist Marty DiGiovanni - they formerly recorded as the Snowmen. In 1965, I Live for the Sun charted at #51, but that wasn't indicative to its influence, it's one of those songs that seemingly hang on forever on soundtracks and commercials. Check out the fellas on one of them 60s music shows, courtesy of YouTube.

I Live for the Sun - The Sunrays

If you dig Sun-themed songs, I have a whole slew of them in my summertime, summertime post from a few weeks ago, enjoy!

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