Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Sun: Who Loves The Sun

Velvet Underground: Who Loves The Sun [purchase]

"All of us were intent on one thing and that was to be successful. What you had to do to be successful in music was you had to have a hit and a hit had to be uptempo, short, and with no digressions. Straight ahead, basically. You wanted a hook and something to feed the hook and that was it. 'Who Loves The Sun' was done exactly that way for that reason ... to be a hit.
--Doug Yule, guitarist and lead singer on "Who Loves The Sun"

"Loaded showed that we could have, all along, made truly commercial sounding records. We usually opted not to because our material was incompatible with standard pop music treatment. But people would wonder, 'Could they do it if they had to?' The answer was, 'Yes, we could.' And we did."
--Sterling Morrison, guitarist and stoic badass

"For someone who is accused of not being able to sing, my melodies are all over the place. Plus the guitar solos ... many of those (on Loaded) were very melodic solos. 'Who Loves The Sun' is a good example of that. But no one ever noticed."
--Lou Reed, songwriter, guitarist, and professional grouch

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