Friday, July 25, 2008

The Sun: XTC, Little Village

XTC: Minature Sun


For some people, XTC may invoke the punk/new wave sound they had in the 80s. Ten years later, (the time this track dates from), they became known for songs like "King for a Day" and "Mayor of Simpleton". Those songs are both from the album Oranges and Lemons. As you will hear or just heard, they also developed a more adventurous side musically, but it was only to be found in album tracks, as opposed to singles. That's why I would never want a greatest hits collection from XTC; too many great songs nobody ever got to hear would be left out.

Little Village: Solar Sex Panel


Last week was John Hiatt's first visit to Star Maker Machine. This week , he brought friends. And what friends they are! Here are Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe, and Jim Keltner. The album was a one-shot, collaborative project, but this track has always sounded like pure Hiatt to me, albeit with a dream list of sidemen.

Submitted by Darius

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