Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cars: Car

Geoff Farina: Car


The acoustic folk sound of the Usonion Dream Sequence album is a far cry from the electric and jazzy sounds of Farina's former band, Karate.  But, this sound and approach to music works equally well for him.  Farina is a trained jazz guitarist, but on this album he throws out the flash and plays a relatively simple set, usually with simple chords, and standard progressions. The result is a quiet, personal, and warm album that has stood the test of time in my own music library.

There are so few lyrics to this song that they are worth including here:

Bare feet fall on dirty floors.
Voices press against strange doors.
The phone rings for the seventh time-
Another call that isn't mine.
I see him every where I go.
He's in his room. He's at the show.
He drives me home from every bar.
I forget his face but I remember that car.

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