Friday, August 8, 2008

Cars: Drive My Car

David Crosby: Drive My Car


It was one of those nights when you drive
Right by your own street
And you wonder who's running
Your hands and your feet

And your car becomes a capsule
Sometimes you can hide
Last night I just needed
I needed to ride

Sometimes, when the world starts to feel like something that happens to you, and you feel like you've lost all power over your own destiny, a car is the perfect haven: an island of control, and a bubble of peace amidst the chaos. Recorded several times over three decades, both by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and by songwriter David Crosby as a solo artist, Drive My Car is a perfect fit for Crosby's infamously turbulent lifestyle, and a perfect showcase for Crosby's sentimental, anthemic folk rock at its electric best, with and without Stills, Nash, and sometimes Young; this nominally solo outtake, released on CSNY B-sides collection Carry On, is my favorite version.

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