Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cars: Drive-By Truckers

It can (and has been) argued that the Drive-By Truckers are the best american rock band on the highway these days. Whether you agree with that statement or not really boils down to a matter of taste but anyone who has any (taste that is) will have the Truckers in their top 5.

Well, as has become habit for me, I stopped by Star Maker Machine on Monday to see what this weeks theme was and as soon as I saw that it was cars "Daddy's Cup" jumped right to my mind and as I thought about it I remembered that "Carl Perkin's Cadillac" was on the exact same album. Seem's DBT's 2004 effort, The Dirty South, was made for this theme.

From the Drive-By Truckers' web site:

Drive-By Truckers: Daddy's Cup


"You just wait till them little legs get long enough to reach the gas
Once you put her on the floor one time there ain't no turning back" *

Drive-By Truckers: Carl Perkins' Cadillac


Cooley's song about the legendary SUN Records folks and the music industry in general. It took on an extra poignancy with the back to back passing of Sam Phillips and Johnny Cash.

Submitted by Autopsy IV

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