Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cars: Limo Edition

Things happen in limos. You sit in there, cut off from the world. This can produce a mood of delicious self-indulgence. But sometimes, the effect is more like sensory deprivation.

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem: Limo To Memphis


First, let me thank Boyhowdy once again, this time for introducing me to the music of Rani Arbo. Truthfully, I should have found her myself. That's because she records for Signature Sounds, possibly my favorite record label. I have yet to find any Signature Sounds artist I don't like.

This song is about cooool. The spelling is intentional. This girl can afford it, and she is pampering herself.

Peter Mulvey: Stranded In A Limousine


Peter Mulvey also records for Signature Sounds. A few years back, he got together with label mates Kris Delmhorst and Jeffery Foucalt to form Redbird. On his own, Mulvey is a fine songwriter and performer. Unfortunately, keeping to this week's theme meant I couldn't highlight his songwriting; this song is a Paul Simon cover.

This where the sensory deprivation might come in. But this song is enigmatic; I'd love to hear other people's thoughts about what happens here in the comments.

Grace Jones: Pull Up To The Bumper


Grace Jones does not and never did record for Signature Sounds. But I had to include this. When your kids are in the room, you can say that this is the only song about parking a car that was posted this week; of course, in adult company, you're sure notice that this song isn't about parking at all. At least, not as the term is normally used.

Submitted by Darius

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