Monday, August 4, 2008

Cars: Standing By The Rambler

I'm not gonna lie and say i knew what a Rambler was, or had ever seen one before this post, but i like to learn a little something everyday from ol' Wikipedia.

Rambler was the idea of auto maker Thomas B. Jeffery. The car was one of the first to try out using a steering wheel and the first ever vehicle to feature a road-ready spare tire. Charles W. Nash bought the company in 1916 and the Nash Rambler was born. Beginning as a sporty 2-door, the Rambler morphed into a 4-door sedan as well as a model that resembled a station wagon.
In the 60's, Rambler became an actual brand name, featuring many different models. The car saw its hey-day in this decade, but was not able to compete with the big American Auto companies. Like an aged athlete, the Rambler took it's game to Europe before finnally fizzling out in the early 80's.

As for the music - Walt gives us a jaunty little number centered around an old picture of his parents..... standin by their rambler. If you don't know Walt, you should. Known primarily for his songwriting, he's just another hidden treasure we have down here in Texas. Pat Green has given some of Walt's best tunes extra exposure throughout his career. This isn't Walt at his best, but it is a fun, lively tune - which is what car songs are all about.

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