Sunday, November 30, 2008

Leftovers (Fifty States): Washington

Robyn Hitchcock: Viva! Sea-Tac


Back when I was merely a lurker here, they had a Fifty States week. This was by far one of my favorite themes, because on my computer I have a Word document where I keep lists of songs for possible mix themes and one of the largest is songs about states. Of course, I am also a bit more anal about it and require that all the songs be titled simply the states name, and of course, that the song be one I like as well. This was all in hopes that one day I would create a fifty song mix containing one song for each state. But since then I've grown to just collecting all songs with state titles I can find and like.

Anyway, during the 50 States week here, the rule was that there was to be no repeating and they'd try to get a song for every state. By the end of the week the last two states to be done were Pennsylvania and Washington. They decided to do a free for all then and any songs about the state were to be posted, whether it be cities, areas, or pretty much anything regarding the state. I wasn't contributing at the time, but I think the essential song about Washington state is Robyn Hitchcock's "Viva! Sea-Tac", Sea-Tac being the abbreviation for the Seattle-Tacoma area, and also the name of the state's largest airport. Of course, this song could also probably work for the city songs theme too, but it was the Washington state free for all that made me wish this song was included. The song plays like an ode to someone's favorite place, or perhaps even something to be heard in a Washington state tourism commercial. Hitchcock seems to put the state and its residents on a pedestal for this one, but the sentiment is more of a good-natured ribbing of those that seemed to worship Seattle during the grunge era than anything else. It also is insanely fun to listen to.

Viva! Seattle-Tacoma
Viva, viva Sea-Tac!
They've got the best computers and coffee and smack!

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