Saturday, December 6, 2008

Leftovers (Advice): Don't Marry Her

The Beautiful South: Don't Marry Her


Being that I'm one of the spanking new contributors here, there were several themes I missed out on. But the 'Advice' theme seemed to interest me the most.

The Beautiful South were always a band I was fond of. Formed by members of the Housemartins, they didn't take things themselves too seriously and perhaps because of this, they created some very witty, very original music.

"Don't Marry Her" was one of the band's bigger hits, released on their 1996 album, Blue Is The Colour. The song is delivered with a pleasant, sing-a-long delivery, but packs quite the wallop with its unexpected expletive.

The song is a straightforward take on a woman's insistence that his intended marriage to another woman will not be the idyllic life he aims for. And that instead, he should choose her.

And if the song doesn't illustrate just how dry these guys were, the band broke up last year, citing "musical similarities."

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