Friday, December 5, 2008

Leftovers (Adjective Noun): Sweet Revenge

John Prine: Sweet Revenge


Just thought I’d add one more song to the theme I’ve enjoyed the most here at SMM. Adjective Noun leaves the door open for many choices, so instead of searching for songs to fit the theme, you can search some of your favorite artists and see which of their tunes follow the specified grammatical formula. Boyhowdy, if you’re reading… let’s do more.

The title track from John Prine’s third album in as many years since his introduction is simply terrific. And that is his greatest appeal. He can make a phrase that is clever is hell seem like second nature conversation. You always feel as if John is speaking directly to you. This personal flavor creates warm, sincere music that transcends genre and remains relevant in today’s music world.

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