Monday, December 1, 2008

Leftovers (Advice): Don't Stop Asking

Lucy Lee: Don't Stop Asking


Advice week came and went long before I was a contributor here. But Lucy Lee has some advice she'd like to impart now that she has the chance: Don't stop asking. In her case, she wants to let a guy know that just because she said no this time doesn't mean she's not interested.

You learn pretty quickly if you try to Google Lucy Lee that it's also the name of a porn star. I assure you this is not the same person. Unfortunately, there's very little information about this Lucy Lee available. What I can tell you about her is that she released one album back in the late 90s (pictured above) and that she has a tongue-in-cheek classic country style. This song is a favorite of mine. I first heard it, and in return discovered her, when I received a free compilation at a 1998 Lilith Fair for being one of the first few hundred in the door. I was impressed right away and ordered her album. Unfortunately, she seems to have dropped off the face of the planet for the most part, which is doubly disappointing considering everyone I've shared this song, or other songs of hers, with has loved them.

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