Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bodies of Water: September Sea

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer: September Sea

[unavailable for purchase]

September Sea is as yet still officially unrecorded - as Dave always said in his introduction, it is a song about "parting and reunion" (in retrospect, so many songs about death in Dave's repertoire)... and Dave and Tracy regularly performed it as their encore during their Spring 2001 tour (one stop of which was a house concert in my living room)...

A few months after Dave's passing in July 2002, KBOO (a radio station in Portland, Oregon where they lived) aired a tribute to Dave, and a recording of the show was made available to their fans (with the permission of Tracy and all involved) through the discussion list (many thanks to TW for the dubbing and mailing!) - in the midst of our grief, it was a shining jewel we could hold and hear:

Thursday, 9/12 [2002], noon-1pm

The Dharma Wheel folk show (on KBOO 90.7 FM in Portland) salutes the great Portland songwriter Dave Carter, who passed away July 19th. This special show will feature rare recordings of Dave and his partner Tracy Grammer, as well as recordings from the Cathedral Park memorial service, and other special guest performances. Tracy will join us in the studio, and we will welcome call-ins of reminiscences from the community.

This tribute included Joan Baez's cover of The Mountain (which is also officially unrecorded)... as well as 'Til We Have Faces (a song Dave wrote specifically for Joan and Tracy's voices)... You Must Slumber (a lullaby Dave wrote in 1970, when he was 17 years old, in protest of the Vietnam War)... and other songs that have since seen the light of day in posthumously-released CDs - the entire recording is a lovely keepsake/legacy of a very special person and musician...

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